We treat all kinds of vein ("venous") diseases ranging from spider veins to large ropey varicose veins to leg ulcers. Since we believe in promoting “Total Health” for our patients; we also counsel them for management of other related conditions like weight loss, smoking cessation, nutrition information, etc.

We have maintained a 5-star rating all these years without fail by providing good service to all our patients. Close to 98% of new patients seen in the center, decide to stay and complete treatment with us and are happy with their results and experience

See what our amazing patients have to say about us!

"Prior to my visit to the vein center, the pain in my legs was inexplicable….I had been to many vein doctors but all said that I needed a surgery…my regular doctor recommended Dr. Girija Surya….Dr. Surya knew right away what I needed…I had my VNUS Closure done…she and her staff made it very comfortable…I returned to my daily routine the next day…there is a big difference for me in the way I get through my day after having my procedure…I went to my niece’s wedding and danced in high heels all night…"

- Jo Ann,Old Bridge

"I had severe leg pain prior treatment…my husband recommended as he believed Dr. Girija Surya was just wonderful…the time spent and the quality of care provided just stands out…She is a great doctor."

- Janet, Atlantic Highlands

"I had bulging veins that were very painful….I was unable to walk or stand for long periods…. Dr. Girija Surya did VNUS Closure, Microphlebectomy and Sclerotherapy on my legs….Dr. and her staff are very attentive and personable…they make you feel comfortable and explain each procedure thoroughly…I returned to my normal activities within a day…since the procedure, I can stand and walk for long periods…my legs don’t feel swollen or heavy..there are no scars…color of my legs is better…My legs look better, feel better…I feel better too…"

- Shelby, East Brunswick

"I had pain in my legs and ankle since many years….my legs used to be swollen and I had pain on the back of my knees too….Dr. Girija Surya was recommended by my employer (J.C.Penny)…she did VNUS Closure, Microphlebectomy and Sclerotherapy on my legs….the medical care provided was very good as far as time quality and treatments are concerned…I returned to my normal activities within a couple of weeks…since the procedure, I have no pain….my condition has largely improved…"

- Donna, Neptune

"I had severe leg pain….I chose Dr. Girija Surya for her good reputation…she did VNUS Closure on my legs….”Time, Quality of Care, Friendly and Knowledgeable office staff” are some of the outstanding features of the medical care provided at the center …I returned to my normal activities the very next day of the procedure…since then I have no pain in my legs…"

- Martha, Holmdel

"I had pain in my legs….my legs used to feel tight….Dr. Girija Surya did VNUS Closure and Sclerotherapy on my legs….the doctor’s care and the staff has been very good…the staff is very friendly and helpful…I returned to my normal activities very soon…since the procedure, my legs look and feel much better…"

- Donna, Keyport