We, at the Vein Center, provide treatment modalities towards Venous and Arterial Diseases.

Our treatment modalities include medical, supportive, conservative and surgical treatment of venous diseases as and when needed. Both our newer and traditional treatments include state-of-the-art Endo-venous Closure Treatment, Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy, Stabphlebectomy; all tailored to each patient's needs. All our patients at vein center are treated by Board certified vascular surgeon in our office setting.

Before and After a procedure, you need to follow some instructions


We offer procedures with or without general anesthesia, the things you'd need to do are different, here we clarify what you need to do in each case.

  • Without General Anesthesia
Without General Anesthesia

Without General Anesthesia:

Pre-procedure instructions for procedures without general anesthesia

There is no need to stay empty stomach prior to procedure.

You may eat a light breakfast or lunch, which ever applies to the appointment time you made with the office.

Prescription Medication.

Take all your prescription medications as per your routine.

If you are diabetic and take regular oral medication or insulin, please get special instructions from your primary care doctor.

If you are on blood thinner medication please get special instructions with regard to these from our office.

Do not apply any type of moisturizer, sunblock or oil to your legs on the day of your procedure.

You may want to bring loose fitting pants to wear home.


  • Post-procedure


Post-procedure instructions

The next day, remove the ace bandages prior to shower and wear your regular compression stockings and continue wearing them daily. No baths, hot tubs or pools during treatment.

If you have steri-strips (small tapes) covering incisions made during the procedure, please do not remove them. Do not worry if they fall off on their own.

You may take Advil, Motrin or Tylenol for pain; follow dose instructions on the bottle. If you were given a prescription medication, take it as prescribed.

You are expected return to normal activities as tolerated. Walking after the procedure is encouraged, walk around 5 to 10 mins every hour. Please refrain from strenuous activities until your follow up visit.

When resting keep your leg elevated above your heart level. It is normal to experience tenderness and possible bruising in the segment of the leg that was treated.

You will need a follow up visit within a week.

Please contact Dr. Surya immediately, if you experience any of the following:

Prolonged tenderness, severe pain, redness, preventing you from returning to normal activities.

Leg swelling or if you are unable to bear weight on the treated leg.

Shortness of breath.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us or chat live with us.